Welcome to The Beer Syrup Company!

Hello everyone, my name is Russ Meredith...and I love beer!  Throughout the years, my love for beer has grown rapidly as my quest for something new and interesting never seems to end.  It all began when I was a teenager while traveling to see concerts or music festivals and people in the parking lot would sell me a Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout or Tadcaster Porter.  If I was really lucky I would get ahold of New Belgium's Fat Tire every once in a while!  After spending some time in the Marine Corps to readjust from my wilder youth, I was able to make a lot of friends from around the country who bestowed upon me their favorite craft brews from back home.  This only fueled my thirst for more beer knowledge and of course, more beer.  Once I came home to Louisville, KY, in late 2004, I found that the craft beer craze had taken root with a few microbreweries popping up while I was gone and thankfully it continues to grow each year.  The world has a craving for more craft beer and we, as beer loving consumers, are here to support any and all who venture into the industry.  I would be lying if I said that most of my vacations or travels do not involve visiting a new microbrewery along the way; sometimes driving an hour out of the way just to taste something new and interesting.  

While working as a bartender, I discovered that other bartenders were using beer as an ingredient to make craft cocktails.  This piqued my interest even further into the wormhole that is beer knowledge and then I found Beer Syrup; a unique, versatile ingredient that can be used as a sweetener in not only craft cocktails but other food and beverage products.  While chefs have cooked with beer and alcohol throughout history, the concept of making simple syrups out of beer are relatively new and becoming a trend in craft cocktails.  Beer Syrups are essentially non-alcoholic simple syrups that use craft beer as the base instead of water.  The maltiness of the beer and its flavor come through the syrup to provide a distinct flavor from the style of beer used.  Porters, Stouts, Wheats, Lambics, Sours, and even Smoked-style beers; the list goes on and on but they all have a unique flavor profile that can be used to create Beer Syrup which lends flavor to any food or beverage.  

This is where The Beer Syrup Company was born; out of my search for something new and interesting.  

Through trials and tribulations (mainly drinking copious amounts of different beers), I have developed a process and recipe for creating the most flavorful beer syrups imagined.  The right beer.  The right type and amount of sugar.  Learning to create cocktails and cook with Beer Syrups has been fun (and delicious) and I am still discovering new uses and recipes as time goes on.  I invite everyone to try our Beer Syrups and most importantly, be creative with them.  Feel free to submit your recipes to us as we would love to try them ourselves!


Posted on January 29, 2015 .