Hanging out with LouisvilleBeer.com!

So this past Sunday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the crew from LouisvilleBeer.com (John Wurth, Scott Lykins) and was invited to take part in their world renowned podcast.  Needless to say, it was a blast to spend some time with those guys and I'm very thankful for them having me on to discuss the Beer Syrups.  My friend Ashley Towning was also invited to come on the podcast in order to make a cocktail using the Beer Syrup as an ingredient.  And since no one else was there, I've taken the liberty of writing out her recipe below so feel free to recreate this at home for a delicious after dinner dessert cocktail.  Also joining us on the podcast was Todd Pharris, who has committed, in stone, to order a pallet of our Beer Syrups for the Middletown Liquor Barn location.  So be on the lookout for a tower of Beer Syrup bottles and tell them that Todd said it would be there.  If it's not, we all know who's responsible.  

I'm not going into great detail about the podcast because I'd much rather you listen to it and enjoy a good laugh because there are some moments of pure comedy in there.  However I will say this, I am glad that our shenanigans didn't carry over and disrupt John Wurth's Date Night at Havana Rumba because the podcast was only a precursor to the night.  After wrapping up the podcast, Scott and Todd invited me to tag along with them to the Kentucky State Fair with our friend Liz Vail from West Sixth Brewing Co..  A night of State Fair tomfoolery is not what I had expected for after the podcast but since I haven't been to one in over 20 years it seemed like a good idea.  Unfortunately it was Sunday night, the last night of the fair, and no one was there besides the people breaking down their booths, every Kentucky State Trooper that wasn't stuck on actual duty, and the unlucky musicians who were given the last time slot of the last day. (Kudos to all 3 of the people who sat around and listened to them play though.)  Luckily for us, the Local Craft Beer tent was still pouring brews so we took advantage of the situation and doubled up on our purchase of Goodwood Louisville Lager before walking around and trying to find something to eat that wasn't a Donut Hamburger or some other horrific variation of a donut sandwich.  We did stumble upon a friends booth who was offering an American classic; freshly dipped and fried corn dogs, which was honestly one of the best corn dogs I've ever had.  At least that's how I remember it.  I almost went back for seconds and considering the amount of beer I had been drinking I probably should have.  

After leaving the fair, we did what any other drunk group of buddies would do and found another place to serve us some beers and food.  That place was The Post.  Oh friends, if you haven't found your way to The Post yet then you are missing out.  The pizza is always on point and their beer selection is just as good.  I couldn't resist in ordering the Tin Man Damascene, which is an Apricot Sour Ale and quite frankly one of my favorite beers as of late.  If I could remember what was on the pizza I would tell you but just know that they have a special Pizza of the Day and you can order it by the slice or feel free to order off their menu which is packed with options.  I've never had a bad time at The Post and for that, I thank them.  Once we left The Post, we stumbled over to the Four Pegs Beer Lounge for another beer and I may have attempted to order their Chicken and Waffles sandwich.  And by may, I mean I actually attempted to order it but they were out of something.  It was probably for the best at this point of the evening but who could pass up that delicious sandwich at any given time of day.  I'd eat it as cold leftovers the next day and not think twice about it.  

To cap off the evening, we finished with one last beer at Nachbar and then headed home to Scott's place where I tried to get a ride home from Uber.  Now if you don't know about my experiences with Uber then I'm just going to ask you to listen to the podcast from earlier that night and leave it at that.  After trying to find a ride home on Uber for about 10 minutes, I had to accept the fact that there weren't any drivers out on Sunday night and I was forced to sign up for an account with Lyft.  At least the guy got me home safe and he did it all while rocking a neon pink mustache.  Many thanks to the dude from Lyft.  

Once again, I'd like to thank John Wurth and Scott Lykins from LouisvilleBeer.com for having me on their show and taking an interest in our company.  I'd also like to thank Ashley Towning for coming up with such an amazing cocktail and holding it down for the Louisville bar scene!  And of course who can forget Todd Pharris (besides his best friend Scott Lykins); thanks for joining us on the podcast buddy.  We are looking forward to seeing you guys at our Launch Party on September 20th at Louis's The Ton!  

To listen to Episode 104 of the LouisvilleBeer.com Podcast featuring The Beer Syrup Company, please click on the link below.


And last but not least, I present to you Ashley Towning's recipe for her Banana Banshee! 

Banana Banshee

1.5 oz. of Bourbon
1 oz. of Mocha Porter Beer Syrup
.25 oz. of Dumante Pistachio Liqueur
.25 oz. of Banana Liqueur
2 Dashes of Fee Brother Chocolate Mole Bitters
1 Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Banana Slice soaked in Fee Brothers Chocolate Mole Bitters (slice the banana lengthwise into thin strips instead of circular chunks)
Homemade Spice Blend - Nutmeg, Cardamom, Ginger and finely ground Dark Roast Coffee
Rosemary Sprig

Begin by soaking the slice of banana in some of the Chocolate Mole Bitters.  Mix the bourbon, Mocha Porter Beer Syrup, Dumante Pistachio liqueur, Banana liqueur, and 2 dashes of Chocolate Mole Bitters in a Boston Shaker.  Scoop the vanilla ice cream into a dish or cup and strain the drink over the ice cream using a Hawthorne strainer.  Sprinkle the Homemade Spice Blend over the banana slice and then add it to the drink.  Garnish with a sprig of Rosemary.  Serve with a spoon.